Busy Busy Busy

Summer is officially here and the fun has begun. A lot of you wonder what keeps us so busy and what we are doing during the busy season. I want to focus this newsletter a bit more on what you can expect from the team over here:

1) Seller meetings and listings. From working the open houses for our current listings (links below to one this weekend) to meeting with sellers and preparing them for the selling process - awesome job this week Peter!

2) Buy! Buy! Buy! We practice what we preach :) Take a look at the building we just bought out in Oakland. This is the biggest one I have personally been involved with outside of the commercial real estate I used to do and will be a fun and exciting experience (navigating the city while balancing architects, contractors and budgets). Wish us luck on this one. I will try to take some really good notes for everyone to learn from.

3) Manage the Transaction - what else are we here for ;) I have two clients currently under contract at the moment. There is a huge misconception that the job ends once the seller accepts the offer. I like to think that is when the fun begins! From late night calls and texts after clients get off work, to explaining the transaction from start to finish. Although we never act as the lender or the escrow officer during the transaction, my job is to know everything they do plus more to ensure that I am looking out for our clients and to ensure they have a resource to ask at any time (most people forget that the Realtor® tends to have the relationship with the buyer/seller, not the other parties involved).