New Team Member Claudia
"Some people WANT it to happen, some WISH it would happen, others MAKE it happen" -Michael Jordan

This week we would like to announce the second new addition to the minngo team! Claudia joined minngo as our administrative assistant who is providing a wide range of expertise as we set new goals for the upcoming months and into 2018. Claudia graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Business Law from California State University Northridge, her keen sense of business practices continues to be a great asset to minngo.
She is looking to pursue her MBA in the future and we are happy to encourage her on this journey! In her leisure time, she developed a passion for interior design and decorating homes, a huge benefit to our team as this skill is needed when staging open houses.
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Save thousands at your next closing

When purchasing a new home or investment property, the vast majority of clients want the lowest purchase price and interest rate - who wouldn't? Well two savvy sets of clients listened to my strategy and didn't, and we helped them from bringing thousands to the closing table.

I am going to focus only on the purchase price here:

Your dream home/investment property/etc. is listed for $800K. It might be a multiple offer situation, or just you, either way, the strategy works. Most of our clients are taking out a loan for 80-95% of the purchase price (sometimes less and frequently more). Their lender is usually getting them an interest rate in the high 3's to mid 4's (the rates can vary quite a bit based on the circumstances and types of loans our clients want i.e. arm, fixed, etc.). But the big part here is that $640K of the purchase is financed (and with just 5% down $760K) at relatively "cheap" debt spread across 30 years. So what is the secret? When putting in the offer if we think $840K is going to win (or maybe it is $750K), think about adding an extra $10K to the purchase price and asking for a $10K credit from the seller toward closing costs. In our scenario at a $840K purchase let's look at some numbers:

Getting a credit at close
Purchase Price: $850K
Seller credit toward closing cost: $10K
Loan Amount: $807,500
Down Payment: $42,500
Principal and Interest Payment @ 4.25%: $3,972

No credit at close
Purchase Price: $840K
Seller credit toward closing cost: $0K
Loan Amount: $798,000
Down Payment: $42,000
Principal and Interest Payment @ 4.25%: $3,926

I hate it when people calculate simple payback periods (so just for fun here is one!), but the difference would be about $46 a month ($552 a year) to get the $10K today (~18 year payback not discounting to today). Sure, you might pay a tad more in property taxes as a result, but in general, most people we work with prefer the extra cash today :)