This week’s newsletter is about the importance of being a good neighbor. Stay with me for just a few moments if I haven’t lost you yet. With the natural disasters around the country and the potential for a big earthquake coming, this helpful newsletter might just save you and your family (and for you naysayers, make you some cash).

How many of you know your neighbor’s first and last name? Do you have their phone number in case of an emergency? Do you wave when you walk your dog past their lawn? Or do you pretend like you don’t see them and quickly tell sparky to hurry along?

Having a friendly relationship with a neighbor is more than just being cordial during these little interactions! If you go on vacation and someone is walking around your backyard, it will be your neighbors who call the police. Additionally, in the event of a natural disaster like the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (#ClimateChange) the neighborhood community can be the immediate source of survival.

46% of individuals expect to rely a great deal on people in their neighborhood for assistance within the first 72 hours after a disaster”

And for the MinnGo twist - if you are a homeowner, your neighbor will have a direct impact on the value of your home. Sure, the obvious truck without wheels in the front yard will impact the "feel" for your neighborhood. But, when your neighbor goes to sell their home, that sale will directly impact the value of your home. We will dive into appraisals on an upcoming newsletter, but long story short, what your neighbor does (good laugh) really can impact your balance sheet. For two real life examples, here are situations that took place this summer for MinnGo:

1) For the 510 Cypress Ave, Moss Beach sale we hit $806 per/sqft. In the last 6 months, the median price per sqft sale in Moss Beach is $621 (including ours). #YourWelcome ;)

2) Sellers telling us not to send direct mail to certain neighbors when advertising their house for sale. I get it, you don't have a great relationship with the nosey neighbor. The flip side is that your nosey neighbor wants you out of the neighborhood just as bad, and is going to tell everyone they know about this great house down the street from them (and they might even help you pack).

This weekend, spend a few moments to talk to your neighbor and start with a friendly smile!

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