Closing - when the dream becomes reality. The goal of every agent, lender, and escrow officer is to have a smooth closing. Here are some of the key steps in the closing process:

1) Wire the money! Many of you are probably very familiar with what a "
wire transfer" is (it is that expensive way to transfer money immediately). Wire transfers are used in the closing process to ensure that the entire down payment and mortgage funds are in the escrow account. Usually, the funds are put into the escrow account either the same day of closing or the day before (not all counties make it easy to fund and close on the same day).

2) Record the deed! After the funds are in escrow, the transfer of title and the new deed are recorded at the
 county clerk's office. Here someone waits in line and officially ensures everything is properly recorded (yes, we are still in the caveman days for this).

3) Keys Please! Almost always, the keys to the house are not handed over to the new buyers until after the closing has taken place. The keys are usually held at the escrow office, or by one of the real estate agents and are given after everything has officially closed.

4) Welcome Home! The new home is yours. This is usually when the bottle of Champagne gets 

On the subject of closing, I would like to congratulate Kate and Adam for their successful closing earlier this week and to the MinnGo team for all of their continued hard work.

If you ever have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out. At MinnGo, we realize that real estate is not something our clients think about everyday. Lucky for you, that is what we live and breath.

Until next time.