This newsletter aims to address some of the major pitfalls people experience in the real estate industry and what MinnGo is doing differently to win you over. We reached out to some clients who shared what they had experienced before working with us to illustrate the MinnGo distinction.

Agent on vacation?

Client #1: A new property came on the market and was a great price, but the listing agent decided to go on vacation the first weekend the home was on the market. We were able to get a showing at the property with help from a fellow agent, but the unanswered phone calls from the seller’s agent delayed the timeline to submit an offer. Not to bash other agents for their business practices, but we are constantly running into other agents who think it's ok to not return phone calls or messages. Good communication is a necessity and something we take great pride in.

Surprise you’re on candid camera

Client #2: The next client was selling his home and was not present during the buyer’s home inspection. The prospective buyer and agent arrived with the inspector, not knowing their deceptive comments were being watched from the home's security cameras. Our client observed the agent telling the buyer “the residue in the shower can easily be cleaned with some baking soda, however let’s call it mold and try to take off thousands from the sale price.” Our client was able to communicate through the cameras to let the agent and buyer know they could be heard!

My agent left me

Client #3: The final story comes from a client who was working with another agent in the area. The client found four houses to look at on a Saturday but the agent only showed him two. After the second home tour, the agent said he had other appointments to get to and told the client to “go to the open houses if you are interested.” This type of attitude can leave prospective buyers feeling lost or unvalued and goes against our values of being fully committed to our clients.

Notes from Ryan

A lot of you reading our newsletters enjoy how I share the pain points, processes, etc. to real estate. So, for those loyal fans, here is what bugs Ryan the most:

1) Agents not answering calls/emails. Sure, getting back later in the day/next day works. I literally got an email yesterday for a Disclosure package I had reached out to at the start of August. Escrow closed and the property was sold on August 22, 2017... Wonder what his clients would think about that one. I will keep you posted as I am going to reply back and see what happened ;)

2) Listing agents not showing properties. Sure, the property is on a lockbox and the client is working with a Realtor. For our listings, we will show any prospects the property - we are hired to help facilitate the sale and we understand that schedules/showing times don't always work for everyone.

3) A handshake should mean something. And, just be honest. I try to constantly grow in this career, and as I learn more I am getting better at reading people's intentions. However, not all people act or behave the way that you do. The behavior of people can truly be unacceptable and disrespectful (and no, the stress of a real estate transaction does not excuse you from being a good person).

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